Retiring Before 60

If that is your dream, explore whether these steps could be useful to take. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting How could you retire in your fifties by choice? You will need abundant retirement savings and ways to access your retirement assets that lessen or avoid early withdrawal penalties. You may also need to have other, sometimes overlooked, components …

The Financial Toll of Addiction

Opioid abuse threatens to wreak havoc on family finances and retirement plans. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting Imagine your retirement dreams put on hold or compromised, your savings and investment accounts reduced, and your loved ones incommunicative or at odds with each other. This terrible state is the reality for families ravaged by addiction.

Is Your Company’s Retirement Plan as Good as It Could Be?

Many plans need refining. Others need to avoid conflicts with Department of Labor rules. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting At times, running your business takes every ounce of energy you have. Whether you have a human resources officer at your company or not, creating and overseeing a workplace retirement plan takes significant effort. These plans demand periodic attention.

Saving More Money, Now & Later

You could save today & tomorrow, often without that penny-pinching feeling. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting Directly & indirectly, you might be able to save more per month than you think. Hidden paths to greater savings can be found at home and at work, and their potential might surprise you.

Should Millennials Be Your Money Models?

Gen Y is doing some things right when it comes to saving & investing. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting Financially, Generation Y is often criticized for being risk averse & unaware. Is this truth, or is it fiction? In some instances, pure fiction. Here are some good financial habits common to millennials – habits their parents and grandparents …

One Couple, Two Different Retirements?

After many years together, some retired spouses may find their daily routines far apart. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting When you see online ads or TV commercials about retirement planning, do they ever show baby boomer couples arguing? No. After all, retirement planning is about the pursuit of a happy outcome – a fun and emotionally rewarding “second …

Why Retirees Need Good Credit Scores

Careers & businesses end, but the need to borrow remains. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting We spend much of our adult lives working, borrowing, and buying. A good credit score is our ally along the way. It retains its importance when we retire.