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Choosing Funds in your 401(k) Plan

A recent First Circuit Court of Appeals decision puts a special light on the fiduciary standards for selecting, monitoring and changing the investments in your 401k plan.   It also supports our ongoing approach to this for our clients.  For the full article, click here.

“Moreover, any fiduciary of a plan such as the Plan, in this case, can easily insulate itself by selecting well-established, low-fee and diversified market index funds. And any fiduciary that decides it can find funds that beat the market will be immune to liability unless a district court finds it imprudent in its method of selecting such funds, and finds that a loss occurred as a result. In short, these acts are not matters concerning which ERISA fiduciaries should cry ‘wolf.’”

IRS Announces 2018 Contribution Limits

Participant limits- 401(k), 403(b) plans-                                      $18,500 (from $18,000)

Catch up for these plans, over age 50                                              $ 6,000 (no change)

SIMPLE Participant Limit                                                                 $12,500 (no change)

Annual Benefit Limit                                                                           $220,000

Defined Contribution Limit                                                                $55,000 (from $54,000)

TopHeavy Key Employee                                                                    $175,000

Highly Compensated Employee                                                          $120,000

IRA Limit                                                                                                 $5,500 (unchanged)

IRA Catchup                                                                                             $1,000



How Much Should You Save By Age 30, 40, 50, or 60?

Senior citizens on holiday

What number should you strive to reach?

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

It is agreed that the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better. The big question on the minds of many savers, however, is: “How am I doing?” This article will show you some rough milestones to try and reach. (Keep in mind that you may need to save more or less than these amounts based on your objectives and lifestyle and income needs.)

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Retiring Before 60

Happy senior man and woman couple dancing and holding hands on a deserted tropical beach at sunrise or sunset

If that is your dream, explore whether these steps could be useful to take.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

How could you retire in your fifties by choice? You will need abundant retirement savings and ways to access your retirement assets that lessen or avoid early withdrawal penalties. You may also need to have other, sometimes overlooked, components of retirement planning in place.

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Is Your Company’s Retirement Plan as Good as It Could Be?

calculator with the word retirement on the display

Many plans need refining. Others need to avoid conflicts with Department of Labor rules.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

At times, running your business takes every ounce of energy you have. Whether you have a human resources officer at your company or not, creating and overseeing a workplace retirement plan takes significant effort. These plans demand periodic attention.

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