Retiring Before 60

If that is your dream, explore whether these steps could be useful to take. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting How could you retire in your fifties by choice? You will need abundant retirement savings and ways to access your retirement assets that lessen or avoid early withdrawal penalties. You may also need to have other, sometimes overlooked, components …

The Financial Toll of Addiction

Opioid abuse threatens to wreak havoc on family finances and retirement plans. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting Imagine your retirement dreams put on hold or compromised, your savings and investment accounts reduced, and your loved ones incommunicative or at odds with each other. This terrible state is the reality for families ravaged by addiction.

Is Your Company’s Retirement Plan as Good as It Could Be?

Many plans need refining. Others need to avoid conflicts with Department of Labor rules. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting At times, running your business takes every ounce of energy you have. Whether you have a human resources officer at your company or not, creating and overseeing a workplace retirement plan takes significant effort. These plans demand periodic attention.

Questions After the Equifax Data Breach

Consumers may be at risk for many years. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting How long should you worry about identity theft in the wake of the Equifax hack? The correct answer might turn out to be “as long as you live.” If your personal data was copied in this cybercrime, you should at least scrutinize your credit, bank, …

Will Debt Spoil Too Many Retirements?

What pre-retirees owe could compromise their future quality of life. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting The key points of retirement planning are easily stated. Start saving and investing early in life. Save and invest consistently. Avoid drawing down your savings along the way. Another possible point for that list: pay off as much debt as you can before …

Is a Home an Investment?

From one perspective, the answer is yes; from another, no. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting When you buy a home, are you investing? If you buy it to flip it or buy it as a rental property, the answer is yes. If you buy a home simply to live in it, the answer may be no.

Why You Should Stay Invested Through Tense Times

Crises pass, and markets eventually regain equilibrium. Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting We have seen some uneasy times lately. Uneasiness impacts the financial markets. When it does, we all need to keep some long-term perspective in mind. Those who race to the sidelines and exit equities may regret the choice when crises pass.