Medical Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) has completely changed the landscape. Confusing options, high deductibles and expensive premiums are wrapped in rules and regulations.   There are fewer options to choose from, and they may not cover your doctors.  Professional guidance is more critical than ever.

Should you take a High Deductible plan with an HSA?  or pay more for a richer benefit?  When am I eligible to even sign up?

Conover Consulting has provided experienced guidance for 30 years to individuals and employers with 1-3000 employees. We will help you understand your options and make the right decision, keep you up to date, handle the enrollment process, and deal with employee issues during the year.

Life Insurance

Sadly the majority of American’s do not have life insurance, and is amazingly affordable. With life insurance there are really three questions:

–     Do I need life insurance?

–     How much life insurance do I need?

–     Should I buy term or cash value insurance?

We will help you answer these questions and more, provide clear education about the differences between policies, and fit the right policy to your specific need.

Download the Life Insurance Primer