In an article by Scott Wylie in Entrepreneur entitled “Watch Your Back Side” he talks about using your entrepreneurial skills  with your family – the good ones, that made you successful.
This is something that I lived early in my career – work hard, play hard.

“The back side I’m referring to is the founder’s life away from the company. It’s the challenging task of building a steady financial footing, solid family relationships and staying healthy on the shifting, unpredictable ground of entrepreneurship.”  The normal day-day human interaction, 9-5 job boundaries and taking family vacations pretty much dissappear during entrepreneurship.

Over 20 years ago I took a three day workshop with Steve Covey where they ask your family and friends (in 150 question survey) anonymously about you.  I was uniformly loved (hey, I gave them the people to ask) but what stood out was that everyone (except me) thought my work-home balance was completely out of whack.

Do you have goals, accountabiity and time blocks with your family?  If this sounds remotely like you, read the full article- click here.