Some Post-PPACA deductibles could be high

 By ALLISON BELL  Published 4/28/2011 Consumers who buy the minimum required level of health coverage in an Affordable Care Act health care environment could be responsible for handling thousands of dollars of medical costs out of pocket. Analysts at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Menlo Park, Calif., come to that conclusion in a report prepared using actuarial analyses from …

United/Oxford reaches agreement with Stamford Hospital

Highlights: We have reached an agreement with Stamford Hospital.  The new contract takes effective on 5/1/2011 and allows for in network services at Stamford Hospital to continue for our customers without any interruption through February 2014. This agreement applies to all UnitedHealthcare and Oxford commercial products. We will be sending new notices this Friday 4/29/11 to all impacted employers and …

New Study From Hyatt Legal Plans, A MetLife Company, Helps Illustrate Toll On Workplace Productivity Caused By Employees’ Common Legal Issues

Marcia L. Bowers, Group Sales Director phone: 216.694.4339 or 800.423.0300   NEW YORK, March 22, 2011 – Ordinary personal legal matters – such as will preparation, traffic tickets, real estate matters, debt problems or family situations like adoption and divorce – may be common occurrences, but can take a toll on workplace productivity. A new study, “The Impact of Legal …

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