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New Rule, Nicer Returns?

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Could the new fiduciary rule effectively enhance portfolio performance for retirement savers?

A change is coming. The Department of Labor is introducing a new rule regarding retirement accounts – a rule that is profoundly impacting the financial services industry. The rule will require financial services professionals to serve as fiduciaries when they provide advice about IRAs or workplace retirement plans.1,2

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2017 Pension & IRA amounts and rules

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NOTE- this is courtesy of Associated Pension Consultants, Syosset, NY


COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) notice for the coming 2017 plan year.   We are providing these figures for informational purposes and no action is required on your part at this time.

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Mortgage Rates May Stay Low for a Long Time

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Why aren’t they rising? Are they the new normal?

In November 2012, the interest rate on a 30-year home loan averaged just 3.31%. That was an all-time low. Simultaneously, the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged just 2.63% interest and the rate on the adjustable 5/1-year loan fell to 2.74%.1,2

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How Is Health Care Reform Affecting the Federal Deficit?

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Some analysts think it is helping reduce the deficit; but others wholeheartedly disagree.

Has the Affordable Care Act actually cut Medicare spending? The numbers from the Congressional Budget Office make a pretty good argument for that, and suggest that the ACA has had a distinct hand in the recent drop in the federal deficit. Detractors of the ACA say that statistical argument doesn’t tell the whole story.

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Are There Really Tax-Free Retirement Plan Distributions?

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A look at some popular & obscure options for receiving money with little or no tax. 

Will you receive tax-free money in retirement? Some retirees do. You should know about some of your options for tax-free retirement distributions, some of which are less publicized than others.

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