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Results of my client survey scary…

Recently we surveyed our clients in several states on three basic questions, just to get a read on the marketplace this fall.  The results are very concerning, and it looks like things are going to get worse before (and if) they ever get better.


  1.  SKINNY NETWORK- is the in ability to access certain hospitals going to present an issue for you next year – of those responding 2/3 said it would be a problem.
  2.  CHANGING PROVIDERS- 25% of our clients report they have had to change hospitals and/or doctors this year.
  3.  FINANCIAL IMPACT- 20% report they cannot afford the premium they are paying, 37% report they cannot afford to meet their deductible, and 25% have had to cut other expenses to be able to afford their medical care.

The Collapse Of ObamaCare


On November 7, 1940, Gallopin’ Gertie collapsed.  If you are not familiar with the story, there is a great video clip of the failure in Tacoma, Washington.  The bridge was only open for 130 days.  “From the time the deck was built, it began to move vertically in windy conditions.  Despite numerous warnings,  officials decided to open the bridge anyway.  In a 40 mph wind storm the bridge collapsed after a dramatic period of enormous up and down movement (seriously, if you have not seen the video, its worth the watch).

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Blue Cross SC drops Walgreens and Rite Aid on October 1

BLUE CROSS drops rite aid and walgreens

Effective October 1, 2016, all Blue Option individual and family plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be covered by the Advanced Choice Pharmacy Network. This is an exclusive pharmacy network impacting current members, as well as members with new plans sold with effective dates October 1 and beyond. Exclusive pharmacy networks are a necessary step toward controlling prescription drug cost increases that continue to trend upward.

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Do you allow your employees to waive coverage? Read this!

In Notice 2015-87, the IRS addressed the impact of employer opt-out payments — payments made to employees who decline enrollment in an employer’s group health plan — on affordability for ACA purposes. Employers who do not offer group health coverage that is affordable as defined under the ACA risk significant penalties. For 2016, group health coverage is considered affordable if the employee’s cost for the least expensive self-only coverage under the plan does not exceed 9.66% of the employee’s annual household income. For 2017, the percentage increases to 9.69%.

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Tanning Industry blames ObamaCare for collapse.

It could just be the cyclical nature of fads like tanning.  it could be the health consequences.  However the tanning industry is blaming the 10% tax placed on them by ObamaCare for loss of more than half the tanning salons, and 81,000 jobs in the country in the past few years.  (The cynic in me wonders how many of those 81,000 are now covered by ObamaCare?)

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