About Us

We have helped business owners sleep at night for more than 34 years- by building benefit programs that lower costs, improve benefits and protect the owners.

Business owners are overwhelmed and confused by Health Insurance and the myriad of rules and regulations that affect them.

While there are real life methods of saving significant premiums, most brokers are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with them, and don’t bring them to the table.

As early adopters of new concepts, products and technologies – where they make sense for our clients – we provide state of the art solutions, and not the same old thing.

A straight-forward approach makes understanding regulations, policies, and insurance easier. We help you put the puzzle together, simplify the process, and provide competitive and affordable products: employee benefits, insurance, 401K, and retirement plans to businesses and individuals.

  • Making complicated concepts simple — Insurance is complicated – its’ easy to feel overwhelmed.
  • Solving your issues — We understand you. With 34 years experience, and a lifetime of working with business owners, we know your struggles. And we listen to you.<
  • On your side- we bring updated approaches to employee benefits. You have more options that you think, and many will both save you money and improve your benefits.
  • We provide our clients with:
    • Employee Benefits & Training Programs
    • Accredited Investment Fiduciary Services for 401k
    • Compliance Review Audits
    • Medical / Health, Disability, Long Term Care, Life and Dental
    • Medicare Supplement & Medigap Plans
    • Employee and Staff Training Programs
    • Planning for the eventual sale/transfer of your business.

Need help with your HR side? We provide consulting services and information that are accurate, complete, and objective – at no additional cost. You will know exactly what you need to comply with the new Health Care Reform rules, and the best ways to take advantage of the rules. Together, we will clearly outline options so you can make informed decisions and easily move forward.