How much training should your broker have?

A prospect asked me this a while back, and its a good question.  Does the person you are interviewing, or using, have the background to handle your account properly?  Are they up to date on the latest trends and can give you forward thinking advice?

While initials after your name (I have a few) are important, and require Continuing Education.  The biennial license renewals require a set amount of education, and are heavy these days on ethics.  The average broker can get away with 24 hours every two years in many states.

Over my 32 hours in the Benefits business, I have come to learn that these requirements are simply not enough.  Simply keeping up with the changes is a full time job.  Therefore I strive to keep pace with innovation.  Here is the breakdown of the 94.5  hours of education I received last year:

Business Growth-  5

401(k) and investments- 35

Medical- 22.5

Medicare- 20

General Education- 12