Whatever Happened to The FLSA Overtime Rules?

fair labor standards act with gavel and books

Less than a year ago, most companies were busy trying to determine the effect this overarching piece of legislation was going to have on their business. 

Who would stay exempt, and what would it cost the company?  What jobs to take away from other employees so they didn’t qualify as exempt.  Then a Federal Judge in Texas ruled in November and issued a temporary nationwide injunction.  While the Obama Administration appealed it, the Trump administration has been granted repeated extensions, so the injunction stands.

The Court of Appeals has been served with a brief now that indicates the Trump Administration will not seek the high salary levels that Obama Administration was ordering.  However, they want the DOL to still have the right to change the Salary level going forward.  So, it appears, that while the numbers won’t be more than doubled, they may rise down the line.


Stay Tuned.