NY Paid Family Leave for all employers


family with girl holding piggy bank looking at laptop

Paid Family Leave is a reality for ALL New York employers beginning January 1, 2018.

Passed on April 1, 2017, this will be he richest Family Paid Leave coverage in the country.  Employees will be eligible for paid time off to care for a new child or sick family member.  All Employers with at least one employee (other than the owner) must comply.

We await final regulations and specifics but here is what we know today:

Leave to provide:

  • Care or a family member
  • Bond with an employees child (under age 1)
  • Bond with newly adopted child
  • Only available after 26 weeks of employment
  • Health insurance must be continued during leave
  • Job is guaranteed on return to same or comparable position
  • Proof of need will be required


  • 8 weeks of paid leave at 50 of employee average wage
  • You cannot collect DBL and this benefit at the same time
  • Amount is capped at 1/2 the NY Average wage amount:  $648
  • Rises to 55% in 2019, 60% in 2020 an 67% in 2021
  • Weeks of leave rises to 10 weeks in 2019, and then 12 weeks in 2021


  • New York State DBL rates will be increased to cover the cost
  • Employees will have to pay the additional cost, although employer can assist