Update on HealthRepublic Claims

When the Federal Government failed to make the promised payments under ObamaCare to the Coops around the country, more than half of those failed, not having adequate reserves this early in their development.

HealthRepublic is one of those Co-ops.  By last published account, they owe somewhere in the range of $200 million in claims to hospitals and other providers.  They are now out of business, have no funds, and no staff.  There is noone to speak to on this at HealthRepublic.

The New York State Department of Financial Services has jurisdiction (and, IMHO, responsibility and liability) over this failure.   The ONLY outlet I have is to tell you to file a complaint with that bureau at http://www.dfs.ny.gov/consumer/fileacomplaint.htm and I would urge you to do so.   Hopefully a huge onslaught of complaints will put increasing pressure on the Legislature, which is aware of the problem and seeking resolution.

The Greater New York Hospital Association has proposed to the legislature that the state establish a guaranty fund, which is financed by a temporary assessment on other insurers when a health plan becomes insolvent, that could retroactively pay bills and protect hospitals and patients. New York is the only state without such a fund, said association Senior Vice President Kathleen Shore.  Blue Cross apparently opposes this.

This unprecedented failure begs the question “Am I responsible for these bills?”  The short answer is yes, as the documents you sign with providers make it your responsibility to pay your claims, and not the insurance carriers.  It is unknown if this will stand up in a court of law, but with this many claims, it is the hope that the New York State Governor and legislature will move quickly to resolve these claims.

My calls to the New York State Dept of Financial Services have not bee returned.  I will update you as soon as I get any other information.