*URGENT MESSAGE* – Renewing Your Individual Coverage

If you purchased individual coverage and plan on renewing it this year, this is important information.

You will shortly receive a renewal letter, which We may , or may not, get a copy of.  We will be running options on EVERY client the week of November 2 – unless you tell us not to.

There are two types of Renewals:

1)  Passive Renewal – nothing has changed (plans, family size, income, etc), you are happy with your plan, and the company says they will renew you as is in the Renewal Letter.  YOU do not need to do anything, but we ask that you send us a copy of the renewal letter by fax: 843-278-9148, email: Reeve@ReeveWillKnow.com or mail to: Conover Consulting, 105 Lamplight Circle, Summerville, SC 29483.

2)  Active Renewal– Some carriers will require you log back into the exchange and confirm your renewal.  If you have any changes (dependents, income, etc.) you are REQUIRED to log back into the exchange to confirm your renewal.

We are happy to help you with this, but IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS YOURSELF- please let us know you have done so.  Also make SURE to enter my National Producer Number in the NPN box – 1982826.  If you do not you are no longer my client and I cannot help you.

Please call us if you need any assistance 877-423-9990.