Why everything changes – if you have between 50-99 employees

In 2016, employers who have more than 50, but less than 100 employees, are in for a shock.  Currently, small group rules and rating applies only for 2-50 employees- but in 2016, it applies to 2-99 employees.  So what changes?

Most importantly, how your group is rated will change.  Currently, you may have a discount for your industry, average age, and gender ratio.  Those do not apply in 2016 when you come under community rating rules.  This could cause your rates to increase (alot) more than normal.

Your network access may change – community rated plans typically have “skinny networks” which are smaller in size, so you could pay more and get fewer providers as well.

You will have access to the SHOP exchange, which could be a good thing – more options for your employees and more flexibility for the employer as well.

The actual effects remain to be seen – but you should be thinking about it today!