Update on Exchanges, Obamacare and progress

I am pleased to report that the Federal Marketplace and the New York State of Health site (the two I use all day) are actually working.  It takes about 15 minutes to set up your account (if I do it- it will take you longer to understand the questions).  Then it will take me about 15 minutes to walk you through the options, explain them, and help you make a decision.

Remember – (Almost) Everything has changed.  More expensive plans, coupled with higher deductibles, are what everyone is talking about and they are a reality.  The rules have mostly changed as well.

One of the sneaky changes this year that I do not hear much about (yet) in the media is how the Networks have changed.   Obamacare has a large focus on cutting expenses and controlling costs, and to do this, network size is shrinking.  Hospital selections are being reduced.

You can no longer assume that your network has all the doctors and hospitals in it that it had in a couple of weeks ago.  There are preferred hospitals with higher deductibles for other hospitals;  preferred networks that – if you go out of the preferred network – you pay more for other “in-network” doctors, etc.

All in all, it appears chaotic, but we have a handle on it and are getting our clients enrolled where they need to go.  If you have questions (who doesn’t!) just give us a call.