What is Medical Tourism?

Taking a vacation to see the medical facilities in another country?  No fun.  However, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are flying to another country to save enormous amounts on their care.  Here are 7 popular destinations:

Mexico- Cost-effective and close, Monterey alone has “four first-rate American-accredited hospitals” that specialize in weight treatment.

India- With savings on surgery in the 65-90% range, India offers”…the best to the world in terms of quality, cost and care.”

Thailand- Asias first american-accredited hospital is Bumrungrad International, and they see 400,000 patients a year from 120 different countires.

Germany- In 2010 , 77,000 foreign patients were treated, according the the German national tourist Board.

Brazil- Big on Cosmetic Surgery  (as is Thailand) and savings of 20-30%.

Singapore- The country ranks sixth in health care worldwide (we rank 36th), and is well-known for its Cancer treatment.

Costa Rica- Perhaps the grandaddy of the bunch, with 40-65% savings on some procedures.  Popular for dental, orthpedics, spinal and cardiology.