Just One Insurer To Sell On New Hampshire Exchange

NAHU- Beyond California, several states were in the news over the holiday
weekend for making progress, or a lack thereof, toward implementing
their insurance exchanges. For example, the AP
(5/28, Ramer) reports that one week out from the deadline to apply to
sell insurance on New Hampshire’s new exchange, only Anthem Blue
Cross/Blue Shield has expressed interest in doing so. According to Scott
Baetz, co-chairman of a panel advising the state on implementing the
overhaul law, this news “was the latest in what he called a series
of potential disappointments.” He said, ‘‘This is really disheartening.
At this point, I don’t how much value it’s going to bring to small
businesses. I feel like small businesses have been pushed to the side or
into a holding pattern. And for a state like New Hampshire, that has so
many small businesses, it’s really preventing us from realizing the
full scope of benefits that were the intention of the Affordable Care