2014 HSA limits announced

The 2014 limits for HSAs have been released by the IRS in Revenue Procedure 2013-25. The HSA contribution limits and

high deductible health plan out-of-pocket maximums are up slightly over 2013. The HDHP minimum required deductibles have stayed the same.

Minimum Annual Deductibles

For 2014, the minimum annual deductible for a plan to be considered a “high deductible health plan”, or “HDHP” is still $1,250 for single coverage and $2,500 for family coverage (no change from 2013 levels).

Out-of-Pocket Maximums

The maximum out-of-pocket maximums for HDHPs for 2014 will increase to $6,350 for single coverage and $12,700 for family coverage (2013 levels are $6,250 single/ $12,500 family).

Annual Individual Contribution Limit

The maximum permitted contribution to the HSA on behalf of an individual increases slightly to $3,300 for an individual with

single coverage and $6,550 for an individual with family coverage (2013 levels are $3,250 single/ $6,450 family).

Catch-Up Contributions

For those age 55 or older, the catch-up contributions will continue to be $1,000.

In cases where the HDHP renewal date is after the beginning of the calendar year, any required changes to the annual deductible or out-of-pocket maximum may be implemented as of the next renewal date.

Rev. Proc. 2012-26 can be found at: