Health Care Reform Schedule for 2013


This year , there is very little direct effect on Employers in the schedule, however you are hardly off the hook-  Beginning this summer you will have to eveluate all the exchanges, coops and penalties to determine the best pathway for you in 2014.  Open enrollment begins 10/1 of this year! – Reeve


January 1- Physician Comparison Website becomes operational

January 1- Retiree Drug Subsidies change- Employers that offered retiree drug plans received tax-free subsidies previously, now these subsidies are taxable to the employer.

January 1- Health Care streamlining and processing rules become effective

January 1- Pilot program within Medicare on bundled payment for episodes of care begins.  Runs through 2016

January 1- Medicare Part D Donut Hole closure begins

July 1-  COOP Programs (non-profit, member run health plans) must be established by this date.