New Healthcare Coverage Option Comes to SC’s 900,000 Uninsured Citizens

Reeves note-  COOPS will be part of the Exchanges which begin January 1, 2014.  Open enrollment should start next October.
Consumers’ Choice Health Plan (CCHP) is the new healthcare CO-OP
opening here in South Carolina. Like electric CO-OPs, CCHP will have a
governing board made up mostly of subscribers/members who will insure
the plan operates with the consumers in mind.
CCHP, a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) was funded with a
start-up loan from the Affordable Care Act legislation. The acronym
CO-OP was created by the legislation. Community organizations, business
leaders, health industry professionals and technology experts came
together and applied for funding to start the health insurance CO-OP in
South Carolina. CCHP received approval and funding in March of 2012.
Available to anyone, CO-OPs are designed for small businesses and
taxpayers with household incomes between 100 percent and 400 percent of
the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). These taxpayers will be eligible for a
subsidy to offset the cost of the premium. Small businesses will be
eligible for tax credits for offering coverage.

So what will be different about Consumers’ Choice?

  1. It is the first health insurance CO-OP in the south and the only HHS approved plan in the state of South Carolina.
  2. Members will have the majority seats and voting power on the
    governing board of directors.  Health providers will also have seats and
    voting power.
  3. Financial incentives will be made to members and providers who work closely together for sustained and better health.
  4. It is non-for-profit.  Profits will go back into the plans to maintain affordability.
  5. Visit us online at:

Here is a link to our federal announcement: