Health Care Reform for 2012- what you need to know.

Assuming the Supreme Court does not do the unexpected (and through the law out) this June, here is a summary of the provisions you should be aware of for this year:

PLAN AMENDMENTS- If your plan still has an annual maximum coverage amount, that amount must trend to $1.25 million.  There will be no limits allowed beginning 2014.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT-  For plan years beginning in 2012, you must provide EOB’s in foreign langauges, if the address is listed in certain areas.  Your Insurance carrier or TPA should be handling this.

EXTERNAL CLAIMS REVIEW-  SelfFunded plans should have contracted with at least two Independent Review Organizations by 1/1/12.  Again, your TPA should be handling this.

SUMMARY OF BENEFITS-  Simplified, plain language requirements have been delayed.

W2 REPORTING-  You will be required to report the value of certain health benefits on the 2012 W-2’s (January 2013)