Obamney Care?

Republican Presidential Hopeful Pawlenty apparently coined this term this past week.  And its has more then a shred of truth to it – The Obama Health Care Reform was patterned after Mitt Romneys plan in Massachusetts for Universal Health Care.  Mitt Romney is a Republican, in case you missed that interesting point. 

So how are things in the state of Massachusetts?  We have covered this several times in this blog, but new statistics raise my level of concern even higher.    In Stoerylines, in BenefitsAdvisor magazine this month, Denis Storey, the editor writes, “Even before former Gov. Mitt Romney signed Massachusetts health reform into law, many warned we would devolve into Canada, where even the simplest procedure requires more paperwork, approvals and wait times than anything we’re used to now.  But sometimes prophecies come true.”

Five years into the experiment, the Massachusetts Medical Society reports that more than half of the doctors in the state will not accept new patients.  The average wait time for an appointment with an internist was 48 days, 36 days for a family practrice physician.  Only 53% of doctors now accept MassHealth.  And where do those patients go that need care?  The Emerency Room, which has suddenly become efficient.  The incredibly expensive, noone knows your history, wait 8 hours to be seen emergency room.  And we wonder why health costs continue to spiral out of control.

Can you imagine this in all 50 states?