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Idaho Health Plan Says it Will Not Comply with the Affordable Care Act

Earlier this week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Idaho announced it would offer options in 2019 that would violate key Affordable Care Act principles.

These options would not offer minimum Essential Benefits and could deny coverage to individuals with preexisting conditions, which violates the 2010 law.

Idaho’s potential challenge to the health care law has national significance. The Trump Administration’s strong opposition to the ACA has raised questions whether it would require Idaho to enforce its requirements.

New U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told Congress last week that he is waiting for Idaho state regulators to act before getting involved.

Will Association Insurance be allowed again?

Reuters reported in an article this week that “The Trump administration on Thursday proposed a rule to allow Americans who are self-employed or work for small businesses to buy health insurance that does not comply with all Obamacare requirements in an effort to unwind the 2010 healthcare law.

The rule, put forward by the Department of Labor, would allow individuals and small businesses to form an association based on geography or industry and purchase health insurance that would be exempt from some rules of the Affordable Care Act.

The rule also allows sole proprietors to join such associations. Currently, sole proprietors can purchase individual insurance through the Obamacare individual market, created under former Democratic President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.”

IN another related article, it is reported that

“The rule would:

  • Allow employers to form a Small Business Health Plan on the basis of geography or industry. A plan could serve employers in a state, city, county, or a multi-state metro area, or it could serve all the businesses in a particular industry nationwide; and
  • Allow sole proprietors to join Small Business Health Plans, clearing a path to access health insurance for the millions of uninsured Americans who are sole proprietors or the family of sole proprietors.”

The agency notes that Small Business Health Plans (Association Health Plans) cannot charge individuals higher premiums based on health factors or refuse to admit employees to a plan because of health factors. The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration will closely monitor these plans to protect consumers.”

ObamaCare Open Enrollment dips to 8.7 million

The reduced enrollment, announced by the marketplace this week, is a 500,000 drop from last year, and down about 1.3 million from earlier years.    2.8 million people didn’t do anything and so automatically got renewed in their current plan, at the new higher price in many cases.

Why it happened seems to depend on your view of the world  For some the drop is due to the Trump Administrations’ reduction in the enrollment period length and marketing reductions, and cutting of Cost Reduction Subsidies on Silver plans.

Others believe that the  plans are crazy expensive, offer few choices and have few insurance companies.

From where I sit, I think they are all correct to some extent.  Cost Reduction Subsidies only affected insurance companies, but did drive prices up.  80% of healthcare.gov customers were eligible for plans costing less than $75 a month – and some at no cost.  Humana, Aetna and a number of Anthem/Blue Cross companies left the market.  We found more people panicking after the enrollment ended because they didn’t realize it was already over;  there was a big rush this year after Thanksgiving we have not seen before.

$200,000 to sign up on person on ObamaCare

From CNBC 11/22/17.  For the full article click here.


A group that is supposed to help Native Americans sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage in South Dakota received $200,000 in federal funds to support its efforts — and managed to sign up just one person in an Obamacare plan, the Trump administration said Wednesday.

The group, the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board, had better luck in North Dakota — where it assisted 67 people in shopping for and enrolling in an Obamacare plan that went into effect in 2017.

But in that state, the board received another $154,000 in federal cash for its efforts.

That works out to nearly $2,300 per enrollee in North Dakota.


COMMENTARY:  Compare this to the fact that I get $14 a month for renewing someone in South Carolina, and only 1 carrier in New York even pays commissions for our work.  Where do I sign up for this deal?!? – Reeve

IRS announces enforcement of the Pay or Play Mandate

The Obamcare Employer Mandate is about to be enforced.  According to this article in foxbusiness, the IRS sent letters to employers dating back to 2015.  There is a lot of debate about the effect of this, as 96% of groups over 50 lives offer insurance, and most employers are under the 50 threshold.  Clickl the link for the full article.

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