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Republicans just released a new healthcare bill — here’s what’s in it

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Business Insider
By: Bob Bryan
July 13, 2017

Senate Republican leadership released the updated version of its healthcare bill on Thursday, but continued pushback from its own conference likely puts the legislation in the same perilous position as previous iterations.

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ObamaCare has increased rates by 105%

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An article in FoxNews on May 23 reports that premiums on exchanges for individuals rose 105 percent (on average) since 2013.  

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Aetna pulls out of New Jersey markets

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Effective July 1, AETNA is withdrawing from the individual market (due to large losses) and from the small business market.

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Whats in the House-passed American Health Care Act?

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The Employer Mandate is cancelled. While it is unlikely that this will have any real effect on employers offering benefits, it takes the pressure off.

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Republicans move forward on ObamaCare changes…


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NAHU Washington Update – 04/28/2017 

House Republicans are continuing their efforts to pass the American Health Care Act after they were unable to hold a vote on the bill last month due to a lack of support within the caucus. An amendment introduced this week to allow states to opt out of parts of the AHCA could help increase support for the package, although whether it will be enough to pass with a majority of the House remains unclear.

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