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Weekly Economic Update

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Medicare Enrollment Options for 2017-18

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A summary of what you need to know.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

Key Medicare enrollment periods are approaching. This fall and winter, there are three periods in which Medicare beneficiaries can either enroll or disenroll in forms of coverage.

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Cybercurrencies: A Risky Choice

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Investors attracted by Bitcoin & other altcoins should recognize their downsides.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Litecoin. Ripple. These are just four of the cyber-currencies attracting opportunistic investors today. Are they the next big thing? Or the next big bust?

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Getting (Mentally) Ready to Retire

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Even those who have saved millions must prepare for a lifestyle adjustment.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

A successful retirement is not merely measured in financial terms. Even those who retire with small fortunes can face boredom or depression and the fear of drawing down their savings too fast. How can new retirees try to calm these worries?

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Do You Have a Financial Wellness Program?

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Companies are luring & retaining employees with this key perk.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

What do your retirement plan participants wish you would offer? Besides the chance to save and invest part of their paychecks, that is?

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