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Should Millennials Be Your Money Models?

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Gen Y is doing some things right when it comes to saving & investing.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

Financially, Generation Y is often criticized for being risk averse & unaware. Is this truth, or is it fiction? In some instances, pure fiction. Here are some good financial habits common to millennials – habits their parents and grandparents might do well to emulate.

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Will You Be Prepared When the Market Cools Off?

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Markets have cycles, and at some point, the major indices will descend.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

We have seen a tremendous rally on Wall Street, nearly nine months long, with the S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, and Dow Jones Industrial Average repeatedly settling at all-time peaks. Investors are delighted by what they have witnessed. Have they become irrationally exuberant?

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What You Need to Know About the Fiduciary Rule

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A quick look at the changes coming for retirement accounts.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

Rules are changing concerning investment professionals and retirement accounts. In the eyes of many, the change is good

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The June Rate Hike

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The Federal Reserve takes the key interest rate north by another quarter point.

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

On Wednesday morning, futures markets put the odds at 99.6% of a June interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve. Sure enough, the central bank made a move. It raised the key interest rate by 0.25%, taking the target range for the federal funds rate to the 1.00-1.25% range. The Federal Open Market Committee voted 8-1 to hike the rate, with Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari being the lone dissenter.1,2

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Having the Money Talk with Your Children

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How much financial knowledge do they have?

Provided by Reeve Conover – Conover Consulting

Some young adults manage to acquire a fair amount of financial literacy. In the classroom or the workplace, they learn a great deal about financial principles. Others lack such knowledge and learn money lessons by paying, to reference William Blake, “the price of experience.”

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