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AETNA COVENTRY leaves SC individual Market

As expected, AETNA/Coventry is leaving the South Carolina individual medical market as of January 1.  This has a couple of important ramifications.   For more on their nationwide pullout of Obamacare, click here.


  1.  IF you have AETNA/Coventry individual Coverage now-   you will have to make a new choice for January 1, and we will help with that.
  2. THIS leaves only two carriers in the state for next year – Blue Cross and Blue Choice, which ALSO means….
  3. IF you need MUSC as a hospital, now would be the time to talk to your providers, and get their recommendation on who to go to going forward.  MUSC has refused to do a contract with the Blues on the individual market and you WILL NOT BE ABLE to use them next year, unless something changes.

Just as a reminder, the Affordable Care Act was going to let you “…keep your doctors and hospitals if you want to.”  Love my job.

NY individual Plans get 20%+ increases, smaller networks

The New York State insurance Department has released average increases that they have approved, effective January 1.  CareConnect is going up 29.2%, Oscar 19.6% and United Healthcare 28%.

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OSCAR Health Plans Building its own network

While I will attend a web conference next week on this, here is what they have released so far.  Note that nothing changes until January 1:

“For 2017, the Oscar experience in NY will be built around three world-class hospital systems—Mount Sinai, Montefiore, and the Long Island Health Network—and over 20,000 first-rate physicians. Rather than working through a rented network, we have contracted directly with these systems so we can build deeper partnerships with them and improve our members’ experience.

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Why am I getting a “1411 Certification?”

From Labor Attorney Jason Cogdill:

I have received many reports about employers receiving notices from the Marketplace since the middle of last week.  These are “1411 Certifications” from HHS identifying individuals currently receiving an advanced premium credit (or cost-sharing reduction) and whose application referenced a specific employer.  It is likely that the majority of employers will receive at least one of these notices, so if your clients have not communicated to you about the notices, they soon will. 

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Connecticut CO-OP fails…

Connecticut Co-Op Healthy CT will stop selling plans and wind down enrollment over the next 12 months. 40,000 people will lose their coverage under ObamaCare, for the same reasons as all the others- ObamaCare is underfunded, although for slightly different reasons this time.  They will no longer be able to renew coverage as of August 1.

This makes it the 14th of the 23 CO-OPs formed by ObamaCare to fail (61%)

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