Medicare for all?

Senator Tim Kaine recently released a bill called “Medicare X”- to allow people to decide if they like Medicare better than the other options. He says it will “increase competition and drive down health care costs.” The cynic in me also assumes you could keep your current plan and doctor if you like them…

So here is the obvious question- Medicare is funded by the medicare tax – 2.9% total split between employee and employer… for your entire working life. Therefore, Medicare Part A is free and Part B costs most folks $135 a month. How will this be paid for? Consider that most models at least suggest that Medicare is underfunded, and claims trends continue at between 7-8% per year.

I think that most people, if they could get a $2000 deductible health plan, that allowed them to use any MD, for $135.50 a month, would jump on the opportunity. I know I would. Just very unclear on hows it going to be funded.