Lowering your costs? Think differently!

In general, business owners and brokers are stuck in a rut. They believe they are stuck at the mercy of the few insurance companies out there, stuck with yet another huge increase, high deductibles and marginal service. And they are – until they think differently.

If you are a small business with 10-100 employees, primarily healthy, with a younger population, there may be a solution. The last 4 new clients we have brought on board have saved 15-20% on their premium, and improved their benefits.

How is this possible? Its called Level Funding. Essentially its unbundling all the services your current carrier provides, and finding less expensive ways to do each part- network access, hospital discounts, administration, service, etc. Its being able to participate in the savings in a good year – rather than the insurance company pocketing those funds. Its gaining control over your benefit design.

Give us a call if this intrigues you.