Why people are buying short term medical…

A recent survey by ehealth shows that Consumers are turning to short-term health plans primarily because they cannot afford other options. With the premium costs ranging from $4700-8000 a year in the US, people cannot afford it. Even though these plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, and do not have the comprehensive protections of an ACA (“Obamacare”) policy, “More than 60 percent of respondents to the online poll said that affordability was their main reason for purchasing a short-term plan, compared to just 28 percent who cited the need for temporary coverage as their main motivation.”

More from the report: “Enrollees in short-term plans say they are satisfied with the benefits they receive, although relatively few people actually try to use them.

“Sixty-nine percent said their short-term plans offer coverage for the benefits they value most, yet only 23 percent of enrollees actually received medical care while covered by a short-term plan.

“Of those enrollees, 54 percent made a sick visit to a doctor, and 43 percent received preventive care.  Only 25 percent purchased prescription drugs, and 12 percent made an ED visit.  Only two percent engaged in a hospital outpatient visit and 8 percent required surgery or other serious care.

“Among consumers who received care, 43 percent said they were very satisfied with the results.