Rural hospital and MD shortage continues

In a recent story on CBS news (click here), some of the stresses, and resulting scandals, surrounding rural hospitals were revealed.   The struggle, with reduced reimbursements in the medical insurance industry and specifically following ObamaCare’s enactment, continues.    According to a 2015 article in HHN, “A March 2015 report by the Association of American Medical Colleges projects that the United States will face a shortfall of 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025. The physician shortage remains especially problematic in rural areas, where more than 20 percent of the U.S. population resides but only 10 percent of physicians practice, according to a position paper by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).”

The CBS article states  “Rural hospitals across the country are closing at the highest rates in decades. Since 2010, 83 have shuttered. Desperate to stay open, some hospitals got caught up in dubious billing schemes. In March, CBS News investigated questionable billing at rural hospitals in Georgia and Florida.

“Insurance companies reimburse rural hospitals at higher rates to help keep critical healthcare in those communities. Those higher rates have made rural hospitals attractive targets for schemes that have generated nearly half a billion dollars in allegedly fraudulent billing.”