Finding that new opportunity, part 3

Ellen Steverson is a Resume and Interview professional who has helped people worldwide get the job of their dreams. Periodically we will host one of her posts for those of you either searching for work, or hiring candidates.  She can be reached at

  1. How has technology impacted the hiring process in the past 10 years? Technology has made an impact on the hiring process — specifically, the pre-screening interview. The Internet makes it easy to apply for a job anywhere in the world, but the company is not going to incur the expense of an in-person interview unless the candidate is a good fit — and often that is determined through one or more virtual interviews. Contact StartingBlock Career Services for information about virtual interview coaching sessions to give you a competitive edge!
  2. How has the job search process changed over the last 15 years? Not surprisingly, the biggest thing that has changed in the job search is the impact of technology. The ability to apply online for a position has contributed to a substantial increase in the sheer volume of applications that companies receive for open positions. It takes literally seconds — and costs almost nothing — for a jobseeker to apply for a position online. Consequently, companies are inundated with applicants for job openings. Some companies receive more than 20,000 applicants for each advertised position. In response to this deluge of applications, companies are using technology to handle the résumés and help identify candidates to interview. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have changed the application and résumé screening process, particularly in mid-size and large companies. The ATS software allows companies to determine which candidates may be a match for a particular position, based on their résumé. Contact StartingBlock Career Services to write you a resume with keywords that will help to get your resume past the ATS system!