Finding that new Job Opportunity

Ellen Steverson is a Resume and Interview professional who has helped people worldwide get the job of their dreams. Periodically we will host one of her posts for those of you either searching for work, or hiring candidates.  She can be reached at

  1. There are a few ways to use your network to find a new opportunity. The first is to contact specific people in your network — or your entire network — and let them know you are looking for ideas, information, advice, and contacts/referrals. Create a networking cover letter and send the letter with your résumé to each of the contacts in your network. This is the broadest way to use your network, and can be useful if you are currently unemployed and not worried about jeopardizing your current job by visibly pursuing a new one. Contact StartingBlock Career Services for more coaching techniques on how to use your network effectively.
  2. Your LinkedIn profile should align with your résumé, although the two should not be exactly the same. The work history listed in your profile should definitely match up with your résumé — this is an easy check for prospective employers to make. However, your profile should complement — not duplicate — your résumé.
  3. You should commit to keeping your new résumé updated. If you don’t already have one, start a “brag” file. This can be a file folder or a folder on your computer that you use to collect items for updating your résumé. This can include descriptions of projects (and quantifying accomplishments related to those projects in terms of numbers, percentages, and dollars), performance reviews, testimonials or letters of appreciation from customers, awards/honors, training certificates, publications you’ve contributed to, etc. And finally, put a note on your calendar for next year at this time to update your résumé with StartingBlock Career Services.