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Budget Deal helps Seniors with RX costs

From Bloomberg, 4/6/18.  Click here for full article

Deep in a budget deal Congress passed earlier this year — just 118 words in Section 53116, a little before passages on prison reporting data and payment yields for seed cotton — was a hit to pharmaceutical companies that will cost them billions, and could signal more losses to come.

Despite an intense lobbying push, lawmakers changed a Medicare rule, putting manufacturers on the hook for more of seniors’ prescription costs. The companies will have to offer a much more generous discount to beneficiaries who fall into the so-called donut hole coverage gap, marking down retail costs by 70 percent instead of the current 50 percent.

It was a rare defeat for some of the biggest spenders in the political influence game and raised new questions about how they’ll fare in upcoming battles. Lawmakers have introduced bills that would squeeze the industry, and President Donald Trump has said he will roll out proposals this month to curb drug prices.

Wondering why your hospital and doctor dissappearance

Interesting article in Bloomberg today about how Hospitals are buying all of the doctors practices up, and directing care.  While this is not a new phenomenon in some areas (like New York City, LA and Seattle) it is going to limit choices, as your health plan directs you to the hospital and doctors they want you to use….

For now, UnitedHealth remains the colossus astride it all. The insurance giant has spent the past decade steadily adding physicians to its ranks, fortifying itself against competing insurers as well as hospitals who are buying up physicians. Once the physician groups it bought from DaVita Inc. are fully under its wing later this year, UnitedHealth’s OptumCare unit will have one of the largest collections of doctors in the U.S.”

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