$200,000 to sign up on person on ObamaCare

From CNBC 11/22/17.  For the full article click here.


A group that is supposed to help Native Americans sign up for Affordable Care Act coverage in South Dakota received $200,000 in federal funds to support its efforts — and managed to sign up just one person in an Obamacare plan, the Trump administration said Wednesday.

The group, the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board, had better luck in North Dakota — where it assisted 67 people in shopping for and enrolling in an Obamacare plan that went into effect in 2017.

But in that state, the board received another $154,000 in federal cash for its efforts.

That works out to nearly $2,300 per enrollee in North Dakota.


COMMENTARY:  Compare this to the fact that I get $14 a month for renewing someone in South Carolina, and only 1 carrier in New York even pays commissions for our work.  Where do I sign up for this deal?!? – Reeve