Should you self-fund your benefits plan?

Level funding, and self-funding, are becoming commonplace in the small business community.  It provides a way to soften the blow of Obamacare’s regulations, provides more flexibility, and can lower costs significantly – we have seen groups premiums lowered 30% or more.  Here are a two things to consider that would make you a good candidate:

Stability-  If you company is fairly stable in its size, and finances, then the product can work well for you.  If you are either growing or shrinking more than 10% in the next year, it may not be as good a fit.  If your cash flow is inconsistent or elusive, this is not the product to get involved with.

Claims History-  Do you have access to your claims history, or are pretty sure your group is mostly healthy?  Do you feel your firm is not getting its monies-worth from the insurance company?  If so, consider the product.  On the other hand,  if you group are high utilizers of the plan, then this may not be for your company.

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