MUSC leaves Blue Cross Medicare Select Network

Effective immediately, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) hospital is no longer in BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina’s Medicare Select hospital network. The contract has expired. This network change only impacts individuals with Medicare Select supplemental health plans seeking non-emergency inpatient care.

This change means that if those members use an MUSC facility for non-emergency inpatient services, they must pay for the visit, up to the Medicare deductible amount. To avoid paying out of pocket, they must receive inpatient services at in-network hospitals.

For outpatient services, these members can visit any MUSC doctor or MUSC hospital that accepts Medicare. Until the deductible is met, however, they must pay out of pocket for non-emergency inpatient services if they are admitted at an MUSC facility. To avoid paying out of pocket for inpatient medical services, members can ask their doctors to admit them to hospitals in the Blue Select® network.

Members can visit our website,, to find another Medicare Select hospital near them. Even without MUSC in the Medicare Select Hospital network, BlueCross members still have a choice of hospitals in the Lowcountry. If members choose to continue to use MUSC, however, they will pay the Medicare inpatient deductible.