8 things you didn’t know you can use life insurance for…

An article in LifeHealthPro this month summarizes Northwestern Mutuals annual survey on life insurance, with some concerning results.

The report shows that slightly more than half of adults (51 percent) own life insurance. The other 49 percent of the adult population cite a host of reasons for not owning life insurance.  Among them:

“Seven in 10 people age 65-plus will need chronic illness care later in life. And most are unprepared for the…

    • 43 percent say that life insurance is too expensive.
    • 31 percent say that coverage is a low priority compared to other expenses.
    • 14 percent say they never thought about life insurance and don’t know much about it.
    • 12 percent don’t know where to start.
    • 8 percent note they don’t have time to research/learn about/explore their options.
    • 6 percent say that life insurance is too complicated.
    • 5 percent say the product is too stressful.”

For the entire article, click here.