Subsidies stand at Supreme Court

Now that The US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has ruled that the subsidies can stand, Ieveryone receiving one can take a deep breath.  It would have been incredibly damaging to lose the subsidies for more than 6 million people.  About the only good that I have seen come from the so-called Affordable Care Act is that many people can afford insurance for the first time – but only with the subsidy.

Republicans are publicly bashing the decision, but behind closed doors are undoubtedly rejoicing – as they had no solution for the problem, either.  Its a shame that neither party could have offered up a simple solution to this problem before it got this far, but that clearly is politics in this day and age.

So now we move forward – and hope that DC can fix the law before we go much farther.  Whats on the agenda?

–  significant rate increases on individual plans are anticipated this year.  Increase requests have been as high as 60%

–  How many businesses will actually be affected when the “play or pay” rules finally take affect?

–  How will the consolidation of large carriers (Anthem is trying to buy Cigna as I write this) affect pricing and product   availability.
–  How small will the Skinny networks get in the next several years, as carriers look to control costs?

–  How will the change in rating size affect the groups with 50-99 employees next year?

–  Will the Cadillac Tax stand in 2018, causing even more costs to be added onto the premiums?