Connecting with your employees during enrollment

94% of employers agree that one on one meetings would benefit employee understanding, 63% of employees want face to face group meetings, 51% believe webinars are helpful, and 64% of employers like the idea of a toll-free help line during enrollment.  So why do less than half of employers actually provide even one of these methodologies?

Recently, we completed an enrollment of a 120 life company around the US, and through the use of on site meetings, one on ones, a private exchange, webinars and an 800# – we increased enrollment by 25%.  Disregarding the down side (all those extra people cost the employer money), Almost every single employee now has coverage through either their employer or an alternative source.  This should promote greater wellness, better attendance, more productivity, higher morale, and snow on Christmas Day*.    It will also prevent almost every employee from being fined by the Federal Government.

So why don’t more employers take this approach?  My experience tells me there are several reasons.  On-site meetings are difficult in that it shuts the business down for a period of time;  they are also difficult with a non-centralized employee base.  Most brokers aren’t comfortable talking one-on-one to your employees, as alot of other questions come up (wills, life insurance, credit counseling, etc.).  Many brokers also believe they don’t get paid enough to spend the day at your facility, and many don’t have access to either an 800#, webinar software, or a private exchange.

Before your next enrollment, give some serious thought to educating your valued staff – statistics say they spend 6 minutes deciding on their benefits each year.  Thats just scary.

*-  OK, I made the last one up.