NY Small Group Rates

Small Group Market

On average, insurers requested a 13.9 percent increase in health insurance rates for 2015 in the small group market. DFS reduced that average increase more than in half to 6.7 percent – which is also below the approximately 8 percent increase in health care costs. Moreover, a number of small businesses will be eligible for tax credits that would lower those premium costs even further.

The following is a summary chart of each companies’ requested rates increases and DFS approved rates, including 16 companies that are selling on the NY State of Health Individual Marketplace and 10 companies that are selling on NY State of Health Small Business Marketplace.






Aetna Health, Inc. 22.27% 7.98% -14.29%
Aetna Life Insurance Co. 25.81% 10.19% -15.62%
CDPHP 13.49% 8.92% -4.57%
CDPHP Universal Benefits, Inc. * 11.24% 4.96% -6.28%
Emblem-HIP* 11.88% 10.32% -1.56%
Empire HealthChoice Assurance 23.34% 12.53% -10.81%
Empire BlueCross BlueShield HMO 22.62% 11.87% -10.75%
Excellus* 16.45% 12.20% -4.25%
Health Republic Insurance of New York* 5.89% 3.36% -2.53%
HealthNow* -1.82% -2.31% -0.49%
Indpendent Health Association 4.35% 2.80% -1.55%
Independent Health Benefits Corp.* 5.44% 3.87% -1.57%
Managed Health, Inc. 0.83% -2.59% -3.42%
MetroPlus Health Plan* 30.60% 14.41% -16.19%
MVP Health Plan, Inc.* 13.62% 11.76% -1.86%
MVP Health Services Corp. 14.54% 12.66% -1.88%
Care Connect (North Shore-LIJ)* -14.61% -14.61% 0.00%
Oxford Health Insurance* 12.23% 3.21% -9.02%
Oxford Health Plan 16.18% 8.79% -7.39%
UnitedHealthCare Insurance Co. of NY 17.04% 2.12% -14.92%
All companies 13.90% 6.70% -7.20%

* Companies that offer small group coverage on the NY State of Health Small Business Marketplace

(Note: Crystal Run Health Insurance Company, Crystal Run Health Plan and Montefiore Insurance Company are new entrants to the market and are selling new products with new premium rates, and therefore did not request rate increases. Accordingly, their premium rates are not shown in the above chart.)

The next New York State of Health open enrollment period begins on November 15, 2014 for coverage starting on January 1, 2015. New Yorkers eligible for Medicaid and all children can enroll in coverage through NY State of Health at any time during the year.

The Small Business Marketplace for employers with 50 or fewer employees is open to enrollment throughout the year. For more information about the New York State of Health exchange, please visit, https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov/.