Navigators want more training. Hmmm….

“Navigators” got 20 hours of training last year.  Wow.  Small wonder that the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that 90% need help understanding “tax issues” and cannot distinguish between qualified health plans.  I have 28 years in the industry, over 200 additional hours of training on ObamaCare rules and structures, and countless hours of self-study.  This year, I have already recertified my Federal exchange certifications (5 hours) and still have several states certifications to go.  THEN I have to get certified by each plan I want to sell (another 12 that I am aware of).  All in probably 25 hours of certifications.  On top of that I have to recertify at the same time for Medicare which is about the same amount of time, so 50 hours more or less.

Navigators are unsupervised, have minimal training, and have access to customers Personal Identifying Information.  The entire concept scares me.  More to the point, highly trained individuals exist that understand tax issues, and can describe and recommend health plans – they are called “brokers.”

Part of the problem is my industry, however.  Navigators are in demand in communities that brokers won’t normally go into – due to fear, cultural differences and limited financial opportunities.  There is a solution hiding in this mess somewhere…