1/3 of Americans now receive government assistance

At the end of 2012, 51.5 million were on food stamps, and 83 million were collecting medicaid.  The Medicaid number has certainly risen substantially under Obamacare, and this does not include the enormous number of Obamacare-related subsidies.

“Though the programs were created to help those in need, some analysts worry that the way they’re designed is, increasingly, incentivizing people not to work. They note that when recipients combine several government assistance programs, in many cases they pay better than going to work.” according to Michael Turner of the Cato Institute.  He said that “in the eight most generous states, the benefits can be tantamount to a $20 minimum wage – which would exceed the $7.25 minimum wage in most states.”

Considering that the national debt is nearing $18 trillion, and the government is running at a half-trillion dollar annual deficit – meaning we are spending $500,000,000 more than we make each year.