You can automatically renew your Exchange plan – but should you?

The NY Times reports that,  “Most Will Be Able To Automatically Renew Coverage Under Health Law.”

Basically, under the new guidelines, most of the law’s customers “would be able to renew subsidized health insurance coverage without filing an application and without going back to, the website that frustrated millions of consumers last fall.”  Enrollees that have a change in income, tax status and dependents will still need to reenroll.  Also, if your health plan is not offering this year, you – obviously – will need to make a new choice.

The problem here is that, in most (if not all) states, the options, plans, prices, and insurance carriers are changing.  Given that, it would be prudent for most people to at least take a look at what will be available this year.  Filed renewals in areas that I service so far have ranged from 5%-18% – thats a big swing.  A recent study from the consulting firm Avalere Health, found that “Obamacare customers who received government subsidies to reduce the cost of health coverage will face ‘substantial’ premium increases unless they switch plans in 2015.”