Report on the New York State Exchange

Very interesting data has been released.  Here is a summary of what happened on the NY Exchange during the first enrollment period.  Note that slightly less than 1 Million enrolled.


28% enrolled in Qualified Health Plans (QHP) with a subsidy, 63% of those were previously uninsured

10% enrolled in a QHP with no subsidy, only 21% were previously uninsured

55% enrolled in Medicaid, and 93% were previously uninsured

7% enrolled in Child Health plan, and 87% were previously uninsured

Comment- considering the stated mission was to cover the uninsured it looks like it worked pretty well in NY.  One question remains is who is paying for the half a million new enrollees in government assisted programs.


Early on it was clear that, to be financially viable, the plans had to enroll the younger, healthier uninsured.   That happened on Medicaid (57% under age 35) but not on QHP’s (33% younger than 35).


As expected, 55% went to the silver levels, because thats where the price and benefit advantage was.  23% went for “richer plans” and 21% for Bronze or catastrophic coverage.


HealthRepublic was the big winner with 19% of all enrollees.  This should prove to make an interesting enrollment period this year, as they just announced high increases for next year, and I anticipate alot of those enrollees may change plans.  Blue Cross got 15%, Oscar 3%, United/Oxford 2% and North Shore LIJ 1%.


In NY it went much better than on the Federal sites.  The demographics look similar to other reports I have seen and beg the question:  “The young didn’t enroll, a huge number of previously uninsured (aka not so healthy folks) enrolled in Medicaid, and where will all the money come to pay for this?”