Defining Customer Service

Our favorite Steak Restaurant, since we moved to Charleston, has been Halls Chophouse on King Street.  Mary and I marveled last week as we watched their system at work.  The Hall family (several generations) are active in the restaurant.  They actively “patrol” the lounge and restaurant, saying hello to everyone, chatting up the regulars, and generally making you feel like part of the family.

While the food is extraordinary and very consistent, if you don’t like something they get a new one, or something different, and take it off the bill.  The general feeling is “whatever it takes to make you happy, we will be glad to do.”  The staff are friendly, attentive, professional – but never in your face.  The She Crab Soup is so good that my wife once asked for a “vat” of it to take home.

Here is the coup de grace.  In the mail today we got a hand written thank you card – from our waitress Jennifer!  It said, in part “…It was such a pleasure to meet both of you… take care of you. ”  Then she closed with ” We’ll look forward to seeing ya’ll again soon for some nice hot she crab soup!”   Now, we did not give her our business card, or address.  Clearly they took it off the mailing list, or the credit card receipt.

Think we’ll go back?  You betcha!