UPDATE- Carriers entering more state exchanges

As we start to get information on next years offerings – they are due by the end of June to the various insurance departments – I expect some surprises.

Washington State is adding four insurers, United health is going into Virginia and Illinois, and in Indiana the exchange may double to 8 carriers.

There were four states that only had one insurance carrier last year (New Hampshire, Alabama, West Virginia and Mississippi).  In New Hampshire, Harvard Pilgrim and Minuteman Health are joining.  The Kentucky Health Cooperative is entering the West Virginia market.    Both United healthcare and Cigna have said they will expand there offerings, while Aetna will not.  Blue Cross is entering new markets in Iowa and South Dakota

Michigan has four new exchange applicants,and Indiana has 5.

There is some speculation that carriers will be more likely to enter now that the “sicker” people have theoretically joined a plan.  However, there is consternation about the fact that the data for last year has not been released, and much of the data needed has not been compiled, or released by healthcare.gov that is needed to make that determination.