Why your employees really need disability protection

A recent study by the Council for Disability Awareness found that employees think they have a 1% chance of becoming disabled for 90 days or more in their working life.  The correct answer?  25X higher!  Considering that the average American has little financial buffer, and prolonged disability can be devastating – costing them their savings, retirement funds, house and cars.

Considering that, in the same study, 73% said the ability to earn an income is their most valuable financial resource, this is a scary combination.

Group Disability income protection is relatively inexpensive, and can be passed on to the employees (in most cases).  Yet, only 19% of employers provide group disability income protection for their employees.  The administrative burden is no more than administering benefits like Dental and life, and much less than medical.

If you are looking for a benefit that would make you a more attractive employer, help everyone in your company, at a low cost and overhead – think Disability Income insurance.