Special Enrollment Period Rules

You missed the deadline for health insurance?  You might still have some time, under the special enrollment rules.  As we learned this morning in a webconference with the NYS Dept of Health (before their technology failed and they had to cancel the last 80 minutes of the 90 minute conference call), most people that just choose not to enroll will now be fined for this year.

However, There are a number of circumstances in which you can still enroll – situations that trigger a “Special Election Period” or SEP.  This situations are:

–  Change of Life events (Marriage, death, divorce, birth, adoption, foster care)

–  Becoming a US Citizen

–  A permanent move from one service area to another

–  Release from Jail

–  Loss of Current qualified healthplan (meaning you lost coverage through no fault of your own.  This cannot occur because you decided to cancel, or you got cancelled for not paying your bill.

–  If you are American Indian or Alaskan, you can change very month

–  If you are receiving a subsidy, and your eligibility for that changes

–  If you are a victim of Domestic Violence, you have until 5/31/14

IF you qualify above, then you have 60 days before or after the incident in which to make a change.  Call our office with questions.