13 Types of Job Applicants You Should Never Hire

Steve Cody in INC Magazine posted a great article about 13 categories of job applicants you should never hire.  for the full article click here.


Her is a sample:


3. The Sports-Analogy Asshole

For some reason, people assume I love all sports simply because I climb mountains. As a result, I receive job inquiries that use phrases such as “I can hit the ball out of the park for you” and “I’m the missing piece in Peppercomm’s Super Bowl team.” I also get emails from people who tell me they’re the “sherpa” who will “lead my business to the summit.” I don’t hire people who assume they know me when they don’t.

4. The Guilt Tripper

“Hi. My name’s Bob Smith, and I’ve been out of work for 18 months. Having read about your culture, I know I’d fit in perfectly. When can we meet?” Guilt may work in other settings, but not in the workplace. We hire winners. As for the actual meeting date, how does the 12th of never strike you, Bob?

5. The Blank Expressionist

This job applicant lacks the drive to research our firm in advance and is unable to formulate at least one intelligent question during an interview. As a result, she answers our questions but responds with a blank stare when we ask if she has questions of her own. Sorry, but we aren’t looking to hire toll booth collectors at the moment.